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Bargaining Update #7: September 2, 2022

After a series of difficult bargaining sessions over three months, we have reached a tentative agreement on a historic three-year contract. We are ironing out a few important details on the road to a strong contract but our collective action was the key to the victory.

By delivering over 2,700 petition signatures earlier this week, we sent a strong message: We stand united for a contract that respects us and values the contributions and sacrifices we make to deliver quality patient care.

Our unity and commitment have resulted in meaningful contract advancements.The tentative agreement addresses long-standing issues, which include:

  • substantial wage increases to help recruit new nurses and retain experienced nurses in the Sharp HealthCare system

  • new job protections and rights

  • significant improvements in SPNN nurses' ability to advocate for safe staffing and patient care

  • historic gains that allow us to provide the highest standards of care

We will hold a series of informational meetings starting next week where members will hear the details of the tentative agreement and have a chance to discuss it. Details on the informational meetings for ratification voting will be announced soon. Our SPNN affiliate officers are unanimously recommending a YES vote to ratify this contract.


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